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Hernan Ferrer is a filmmaker and video producer.  Serving clients across the New York City metropolitan area, Hernan produces high-production value content for music videos, documentary films, and corporate videos. Hernan is skilled in lighting, camera, and editing and is experienced with HD and Digital Cinema production systems. He works closely with his clients to deliver engaging videos that connect them with their target audience.

Hernan's musical background and ongoing work in the industry allows him to communicate naturally with artists and performers and apply his knowledge of production and post production to deliver outstanding video content that not only resonates with their artistic vision but also their audience. He is comfortable with many genres within the arts and has shot for musicians across the spectrum.

When not shooting, producing or editing for clients, Hernan can be found with his stills camera, around the boroughs of New York City, all in search of more photos and stories to add to his growing portfolio.